A William Carey Church.

William Carey (1761–1834) is the most well-known missionary in Baptist history. Carey is called the father of the modern missions movement in the English-speaking world because he was the first Baptist missionary overseas. He is revered in many parts of the world, especially in India. William Carey became a Christian in Hackleton and was one of the founding members of Hackleton Baptist Church. He taught himself Greek and Hebrew whilst in Hackleton.

He helped campaign for the abolishment of slavery in the West Indies, and was key to ending sati (widow burning) in India. Once he had learnt Sanskrit, he wrote up many traditional Indian tales before translating the Bible into Hindi and other Indian dialects. He, and his team, set up printing presses so all the work could be distributed. They started schools in India for both boys and girls. Carey taught local languages and customs to the Dutch military and trades people. (The East India Company didn’t want to know!) Carey was also a keep botanist and sent many plant species back to England.