Prayer Request Hackleton

Leave a message for a church minister to phone you – Hackleton Baptist Church

Prayer Request Hackleton will help you Troubled ? Fearful ? Grieving ?

God is alive and He loves you. He is interested in your life.

Prayer Request Hackleton

A Ministers will pray with you over the phone to help through this most difficult of times and connect you with the Living God. We have experienced God’s love and power. We know He would like to be involved in your life and circumstances too.

When we pray we have seen instant physical healings (miracles), gradual improvements and strength to continue with the physical problem.  We have prayed with adults who are related to suicidal young people and seen God bring comfort and wisdom.  We have helped people meet Jesus for the first time and witnessed the peace, love and joy His presence brings.

We are not guaranteeing answers to our prayers, we can only pray and wait on the Lord Jesus. Some people receive instant answers and others seem not to but we still need to come close to Jesus.

We seek to bring the love of God to people and to bless them, praying for healing or whatever needs they may have.  If they show an interest in going to Church we signpost them to the Church that may suit them.

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Prayer Request Hackleton

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26 May 2024


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Hackleton Baptist Church
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Hackleton Baptist Church
01604 870808
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