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At the Pop Up shop Hackleton is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am-1pm. We offer a friendly welcoming space inside. Each week we have the pleasure of a different visiting ‘Pop Up shops’ selling local handmade products. Whether you are coming to meet friends or coming in on your own, there’s always an exciting new experience.


Coffee@Carey is our lovely community focused and volunteer run coffee shop, opened in May 2021 in Hackleton Baptist Church. Our coffee shop Coffee@Carey is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am-1pm.  We serve a selection of very reasonably priced hot and cold drinks with delicious cakes and pastries. Whether it’s a cappuccino, an americano, a pot of tea or a can of fizz, there’s something for everyone.  Pick up one of our loyalty cards and get a free piece of cake with every sixth hot drink that you buy!

Families and children

Families and children are also welcome.  We have highchairs and a small selection of toys as well as small child sized cakes and children’s drinks. A weekly Baby and Toddler group (Wednesday 10:30-12) held in our library room is a lifeline to parents of young children.  Toddlers and babies can play, while parents can enjoy a barista coffee if they wish!  It’s a great place to meet other local parents and, hopefully, make friends for life.

Our Library and Jigsaw puzzles

The community library is open when the Coffee Shop is open, with donated books to browse whilst enjoying your coffee or free to borrow and return on your next visit. DVDs are also available to borrow for free and jigsaw puzzles

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.Arts and Crafts Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/ .Arts and Crafts Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/ . Crafty Arts Sho Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/. Crafty Arts Sho Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/ .Mini Craft Pop Up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Mini Craft Pop up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/po-up-sho-hackleto/ .Pop Up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/

Pop Up Shop Hackleton

 .Pop Up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Arts and Crafts Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Arts and Crafts Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Craft Pop up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/ .Village Craft Pop up Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Craft Pop Shop,Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Craft Shop Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-shop-hackleton/ .Village Craft Shop Northampton, Hackleto, – https://hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk/events/pop-up-sho-hackleto/. Coffee Morning Hackleton www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk. Churches Together Northampton www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk .Northampton Christian Events Calendar www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk .Northampton Christian church directory www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk .Church directory Northampton www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk . Churches in Northampton www.https.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk. Coffee Morning Northampton www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk. Cafe Church Northampton www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk .Churches Together Northampton http://www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk. Northampton Christian Events Calendar http://www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk/. Northampton Christian church directory http://www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk. Church directory Northampton http://www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk. Churches in Northampton http://www.ministersstandingtogether.co.uk

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27 May 2024


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Hackleton Baptist Church
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Hackleton Baptist Church
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